September 28, 2021

This is my thought process. What's yours?


This is my about page. There’s not a lot here right now. I can’t formally pin down what this site is about… except that it is about my thought process. It’s not about being right or wrong. It’s about the journey, and the exchange of ideas. It’s about how we think… both alike, and differently.

By day, I am an I.T. professional… I sit at a computer, and I make systems work. I am an operational developer, but I am not a code developer. I work someplace where I get to help people better themselves, and that feels great.

I don’t always agree with the politics of the people around me, and sometimes I flat out object. But that is personal, and in my professional life, I adhere to different standards that are set by the people that pay me. And I retain the integrity to maintain that discipline.

I have a fiance, a child and a dog. I’m not very sporty unless it has a motor in it, and I love all things geek.

In public, I struggle because I’m not suited to discuss popular television, music or sports… but I will discuss quantum theory with you, or get really animated by talking about I.T.E.R.

And I’m not prepared to talk politics or religion in public with people I don’t know. It’s too hostile. If you want that conversation… get to know me a little first.

As for the site? This is my outlet. This is where I feel like I *CAN* express myself politically and religiously. Because, if you are here, it’s because you are curious or you have been invited. And you can always leave. I’m not posting here to make or develop friendships in the same way that I would be in public. I’m here to express myself without the need to be situationally or socially aware. This is my space. It may not be private, but it’s also not a dating app, or a social site. Take it or leave it…

I will not chase anyone down, or push my ideas on anyone else. I will not claim I’m right while others are wrong.. at least, not if you call me out on it… But I will express myself in terms that can be interpreted that way, because of the confidence with which I will assert myself.

When discussion MY values, I will of course take ownership of them, and I will probably tell you that I believe I am right. But the distinction between telling someone they are wrong, and telling them that you believe you are right is a mile wide. Please respect the differences.

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