September 28, 2021

This is my thought process. What's yours?

On spirituality…

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I have been on a journey. For long, now I have sought to find my faith. To establish it’s foundations. To have an understanding of what is both real, and surreal. Of what is primary and secondary. Of how these things define my life.

I believe in the one God, and the many. The one God, the principle creator doesn’t need my faith, or my spirituality. To the creator, I am but a grain of sand caught in a tempest. His responsibility to me is done. All that I have, is owed to him, and for that, he gets all the recognition and respect he deserves. He is the lord of creation. The life giver. And just as the creator creates, there is entropy. Destruction, and death. These are the Gods, that I am born, and I die by.

If the God of creation has given us anything beyond simple life, it would be the gifts of imagination, and reason. The fundamental gift of creation. In his own image. The ability to reason through failures to discover success. The ability to imagine far beyond what we see, that we may have dreams and goals to build and achieve.

And so, in turn, we have created the Gods of man. The Gods born of the imagination and reason of men. Of myths and of legends. The Ascended Gods. These are the Gods I live my daily life by.

These Gods have decrees and laws. They give us shape and meaning in our daily lives and in our love and in our passion. They give us strength, and faith. But they also give us conflict and struggle. They teach us to reach for more, and often, for greater. They teach us that there are as many ways to agree, as there are to disagree. They teach us that for action, there is consequence.

Some Gods are kind, just, and reverent. Some are ugly, harsh and vengeful. But they are merely a reflection upon our own souls. What Gods exist, exist because we believe. They exist, because we give them power.

So, yes. I believe in the One God. In the Creator. But I feel we would be fools to ignore the presence of the many Ascended Gods that exist beneath him. After all, one does not deny the existence of the many mortal kings, simply because a religion decrees that the One God is the only true king of man. Doing so is foolish, and will lead you to a troubled mortal existence. So, we acknowledge the mortal kings, and we either follow them, or we defy them. And so it is with the Ascended Gods. We can follow them, or we can defy them. But to suggest that they do not exist, is folly. Even if only in the hearts of men, their existence is real. It is palpable. And the existence of these Gods have influenced our species since the dawn of our self-awareness.

At their least, they give us purpose. At their greatest, they give us hope. Hope, and purpose that so many of us have lost. And I believe that is why the older Gods are calling to some of us. To rejuvenate our spirit. To give us purpose, and hope.

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