September 28, 2021

This is my thought process. What's yours?

Mark Zuckerberg reportedly signed off on a Facebook algorithm change that throttled traffic to progressive news sites — and one site says that quiet change cost them $400,000 to $600,000 a year

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People don’t get it… When I talk about how our media is controlled. How it’s governed by artificial intelligence algorithms. How what we see in our news feeds is soon fed to us.

We think there’s some magical free flow of ALL the information… and that it’s going to be fed to you in an unbiased way. It’s not. All that user data that is collected, is used to tailor what you see. The products are not limited to clothes and gadgets. The news industry is a for profit industry. That means, that it is important for them to draw you in. To gain *RATINGS*. And do you know what pulls in ratings? Yep… Drama. Conflict. Fear. And for those to exist, the news media requires division.

You are being sold Dramatizations of small, insignificant issues, in order to drive ratings. With no care for our mental, emotional and social health.

The end of our culture will be brought about over ratings. How far will we let this go? Will we let it divide the world to the point that we all end up victims of a nuclear holocaust? A third world war? Because, if you haven’t been paying attention… that is where we are headed.

Just look for headlines on China’s military actions of late. And then put some serious thought into whether black lives are important, or whether all our lives are important.

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