September 28, 2021

This is my thought process. What's yours?


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I’ve never really been a fan, but a while back, the fiancee and my son started a diabolical scheme to get me to accept pizza.

It was working. Sort of. I tolerated it a lot more. I started deciding what I like and don’t.

During the pandemic, they were really craving pizza, but we were not ready for delivery pizza yet. So we started making our own, with those store bought crusts… Not horrible, but not even close to good.

I made my own pizza dough tonight. It could have used more salt, but home run on my first at-bat… Crispy on the bottom. Browned nicely across. Nice rise. Nice crumb, or whatever pizza purple call it. It’s exactly what I like in pizza dough. Now to work on less dramatic toppings.

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