September 28, 2021

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Hello there, Mental Illness! Math is racist…

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That's called scientific racism. The use of statistics and tools to construct the idea.

So, welcome to my hell… I’m including a youtube video with this post, so that y’all can see something… but let me explain. It’s not that I want to give this lunatic a louder voice or make her more heard. I don’t want to give her traction at all… so it needs to be said early on that this video is a prime example of what is *wrong* with this world… and worse… what is wrong with the media.

Shock and awe gets ratings. Period. That’s our first problem.. so, instead of ignoring this woman, we are putting her in front of millions of people, and treating her, on some level, even with the obvious incredulity, like she has a valid point worth listening to. She does not. She’s mentally ill. And we are giving her illness a platform upon which to fester.

That’s called scientific racism. The use of statistics and tools to construct the idea.

Then, let’s take a look at her premise in a quote from the video.

Humans, have then used math and numbers and statistics in all sorts of ways. From counting black and brown bodies as they made them property, and brought them over to these lands, to more recently, scholars who said that white people were more intelligent than people of color. That’s called scientific racism. The use of statistics and tools to construct the idea.

No. You fucking whack job. Science is the opposite of subjection. It is free of cultural and socio-political constraints. It is a collection of data.

And while I concede that the APPLICATION of statistical data, through measures like withholding, substituting or falsifying data can be used to manipulate statements of evidence. Scientifically gathered data can not, at it’s core, be refuted. The application of the data can. But the data itself, can not.

To suggest that “math” is racist, and somehow needs to have PHILOSOPHICAL ideas applied during it’s teaching, is… well.. tragic. And it will not be tolerated.

I for one, will not accept this. I will not allow those in my sphere of influence to be bullied into complying with untrue accusations and assertion of ignorance.

I think it’s important to allow people to have a voice. I also think it’s import to call them unfit and make sure people are aware of it when they are incompetent or deluded.

Make no mistake… the suggestion that “Math is racist” is both incompetent and deluded. I don’t have a problem when you say that “many individuals in our society manipulate statistical data to alter people’s perception”. But that’s a behavioral callout that suggests we need to identify behavioral issues. It is NOT a problem with the foundation of how math is or is not taught.

This is absolutely the kind of subject that needs to be discussed in a AP or college philosophy or social studies program. Not something that requires re-engineering “how we teach math”.

Modern society is only going to continue to get worse if we don’t stop promoting mentally ill people as established and qualified authorities or valid, mentally healthy professionals. This kind of encouragement is reckless and dangerous to the very foundations of our society.

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